Hair straightener

With a wide range of brands available, there is always confusion which to get. Of course, equality hair straight now is one of the best investment you can make for your locks.they can smooth and add waves and give to all hair types working wonders to give you the look and finish you desire. Today I want to talk about hair straightener by Nicky Clarke. It’s very nice looking and it’s very easy to use. I always wanted one but they always very expensive so I finally found one in boots for half price and it’s working great. A long time ago I had mini hair straighteners but it just didn’t do a job.The reason why I got the hair straightener is not to make my hair straight because my hair is already super straight but to make them curly. I’m still not very good to use it especially it’s hard to get hair on the back of my head. In the box with the hair straightener came a paddle brush, comb and 2 butterfly clips. It lovely set for beginners.2017-12-07-09-12-42_preview
2017-11-28-15-29-39-1_preview¬†This is my after curling picture where I try my best for the first time and I think it’s not too bad for a beginner.So if you looking for easy using hair straightener this is want to get. It does the job and what else you want.¬†2017-11-28-15-20-17_preview