New start

So this day is here, again. My head is full of ideas and I’m going crazy. So I decided to start again with blogging. There is a lot of amazing blogger mums who work so hard for their blog and find time for it. it’s not that I don’t have a time but lack of belief in my self. I don’t believe that I am a good writer, especially in English despite the fact that English is not my first language and yes I know this is not an excuse.  All my life I found some excuses to not finish something and you know what, that’s it enough with this. I set a goal to write one post every second week and works very hard to make it decent.

I was thinking “what could help me just a little bit with my blogging?”. And I decided to treat myself to a nice notebook where I could write my ideas. I am a bit old school and like writing on paper, it just gives some satisfaction, just like those adult colouring books.

This is lovely “A Blogger’s journal” from one of my favourite shops . They have a lot of beautiful stuff for every taste.

2017-11-29-09-45-51_previewIn this journal, there is all that you need for beginner blogger. All that you need to do just fill the empty spaces.

2017-11-29-09-49-47_previewSo, this is my little helper. It’s gonna be hard work but I’m up for it.