Early morning!

   Mmmmm…..how lovely. It’s Saturday early morning 7am. Mr. Wonderful and my little princess still sleeping. I could’t sleep. When ever T stays at home I am so happy. Happiest days in  the week. I can enjoy watching how growing father and daughter relationships and that is so wonderful, he is an amazing father, and to be honest I didn’t expect that but deep in side my heart I  felt that he is and will be great.

    It’d dark outside but I like it. I always like’d Autumn. Very often you hear that people become sad and depressive. But I like. And if you have bigger kids you still have lot of things to do. Go out and splash in puddle. Collect most beautiful leaves. Paint. It’s time to make hot chocolate, snuggle under the blanket watch some cute cartoon and giggle. Autumn, beautiful beautiful season. It’s changes what I like. You can change you wardrobe and can go shopping for new boots. And the colors what autumn brings, beautiful. I think in autumn is the right time for people go out of the city to the country side for weekends. It’s so beautiful and I am ready for it! :)

Time, where are you running?!

Ten month is gone, and my little girl already is big. She walk, she start to do thinks when you ask her, she is so independent. From one part I love is from other it’s scary.Still can’t imagine that one day she gonna start to talk, and then  you will not  notice that she gonna start school. That’s crazy how time is flying and it’s not stopping and not coming back. Every day is exited, exited to see what she gonna do new, and each thing is so awesome and beautiful. Can’t imagine life without her and my wonderful man who loves me as I am and loves our daughter. We are so lucky and so spoiled.

Sometimes I think I am too lazy because most of the time she spending time on her own. From other part I thing if I would be all the time next to her and trying to push her to do thinks she don’t want she wouldn’t be how she is now all walking and doing lot of thinks for ten month. I am really proud of her and wouldn’t change a thing.

I can tell that moving animals in your home helps a lot develop your child. Since the day Emily saw our can’t I saw in her eyes that she wanna run after them, and now she can do that. Still a bit clumsy falling down, but how wast she is down so fast she is up and again running. It’s amazing how in her little age she have so big strength of will. And that passion about everything, just love it. Love her so much.