The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures.
13 March, 2013


So, the other day my boyfriend shocking was reading this article about Nordic parents who put they babies and toddlers outside for day nap in winter knowing that in Nordic countries could be really cold, but if it`s -5C or -10C they still gonna put they babies out side. From there, where I come from we have cold winters too and I know that in old times people would normally put them out side for nap but now it`s just too dangerous and most of them just don’t trust 21st century but if you have garden why not its good for baby having daily fresh air. So I decide to try and put my 4 month old baby girl out side in pram to see how long she gonna sleep there. And if she gonna sleep longer than at home because fresh air is good not just for us but for babies too 😉

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